San Luis Valley, Colorado




A few more pictures from my Colorado trip! I know, I know, I always post my travel pictures completely out of order. Oh well 🙂

Miss Miral

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27 thoughts on “San Luis Valley, Colorado

  1. Beautiful photos. Love Colorado myself. All my best to you.

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  2. Love this picture so much 🙂

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  3. Wonderful photographs!

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  4. These are really cool photos! I’m currently going to college in CO and the San Luis Valley is definitely one of my favorite parts of the state. Also, I just wanted to say thanks for checking out (and following) my blog. I’m just trying to get everything up and running so I really appreciate the support.

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  5. Looks awesome! That’s the part of CO we have not been to. We have been just west of there up at the Colony Lakes (surrounded by Crestone Peak, Crestone Needle, Kit Carson, and Humbolt; all 14,000ft peaks), but didn’t see the dunes.

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  6. these are beautiful! i thought they were taken on the road leading up to mammoth, california. looks like i’ve got some ‘xploring in Colorado to do!

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  7. You have some awesome photos. I love Colorado.

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  8. The colours! ❤ Beautiful!

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  9. Such beautiful photos

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  10. Wow! I love the colors and the sand dune 🙂

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  11. I love the sand dunes. Had some fun times there years ago during a short stint at Adams state college in Alamosa! Thanks for the gorgeous photos.

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  12. These photos are amazing!

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  13. Wow!!! Stunning photos!! Glad to come across your blog 😊

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  14. Wow! These are amazing pictures!!! My favourite is the 2nd one.

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    1. Thanks Kat!

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  15. Beautiful…my fav is the 1st one!

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    1. Mine too! And thanks so much!

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