Just trying to Sail – In Newport, Rhode Island

Just Trying to Sail in Newport Rhode Island

Metal railing is my nemesis. Over 500 feet of metal rail to be more precise, screwed into the sides of a gleaming white super yacht in the Newport Boatyard. I forget the name of the boat already but I’ll never forget that unending rail. It was my job to polish it. And polish… and polish… for days on end.

A monotonous beginning perhaps to what was otherwise one of the most exciting and spontaneous journeys I had yet embarked upon. Spur of the moment I had decided to move from western Canada to the eastern United States to follow my sailing dream. If I couldn’t afford to get my own sailboat and travel the world, then I would do it on someone else’s sailboat, and get paid to boot.

That was the plan anyway. I had been lucky to get the metal rail job (even if slightly tedious) through an acquaintance at the crew house where I was staying, but after that I was on my own to find work. On to the agency.

I sat across the desk from a stern looking woman at the Newport Yachting Agency, a big smile plastered on my face, hoping to show how energized and eager I was to work. Soon my smile fell, however, as I was informed in no uncertain terms that as an unexperienced girl, I would never be hired as a deckhand (even though I had taken multiple sailing courses to prepare). That I should give up and apply for stewardess jobs.

Now there’s nothing wrong with being a stewardess but I was there to get experience sailing, not folding towels and serving meals. As someone who wanted my own sailboat one day, it only made sense. Besides, I already knew from a brief stint working at a Chinese restaurant (where I broke eight glasses on my first day) that I was one of the worst servers ever. Being a stewardess was not my calling.

Downtrodden but not wholly defeated, I spent my days for the next while between half-hearted job searching, exploring the town, and wondering what on earth I was going to do with my life.

Newport itself was lovely. The buildings were all so old and there seemed to be a graveyard on every corner (I don’t know why but I just really like graveyards). What struck me most about Newport, however, was all of the rich people. Okay I guess I don’t actually know that they were rich, but I have to say that they looked and dressed exactly like rich people do in movies. One afternoon when I spoke to a particularly fancy looking woman (like early 1900’s, going to a horse race fancy), she didn’t respond but instead pursed her lips at me – Devil Wears Prada style. I had never been lip pursed at before so I have to confess it was quite an exciting moment for me.

But despite all the fun in this new world, I still hadn’t found a satisfactory job. I decided to take a break. I took the bus to New York and went to Comic Con (a trip worth its very own post). And when I got back I had a job! My French Canadian friend, Marc, (See previous post: The Breaking of the Hermitage) had gotten a spot on a sailboat heading from Newport to Bermuda. And he had talked to the captain about hiring me as well. I was so excited! Finally I would have the sea adventure that I had always dreamed of.

And adventure it was. Or nightmare, depending on your outlook. You can decide when I tell the story in my next post!

Sailing to Bermuda (And How I Nearly Died at Sea)

Sailing to Bermuda how I nearly Died at Sea

Or, to see just how I ended up here, be sure to check out my previous post:

The Breaking of the Hermitage

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11 thoughts on “Just trying to Sail – In Newport, Rhode Island

  1. pursuitofanewadventure 2 Feb 2016 — 3:55 pm

    Ok this negates my last question of what do you do on the boat lol! Makes me wanna watch fools gold. I admire your adventures!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t have the feeling that your life’s going to be dull 🙂 🙂
    Many thanks for the follow!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats on the job! I hope you get ti keep chasing your dream. Thanks for the follow!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I legitimately can’t wait for your next post! Nothing better than sailing, and this is something I’ve fantasized about. Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much!


  5. Just being in Newport is great; we stopped once for lunch and loved the place. I can well imagine it as a lips-being-pursed place.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Miss Miral: Just got word that you’re following TheCulturedTraveler – thanks so much! I see that we are kindred spirits when it comes to travel, and I look forward to exchanging adventures via our respective blogs. Keep up the great work and thanks again!!


    1. Thanks Jeffrey and same to you!


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